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Healthy aging therapies for next generation medicine

Ora Biomedical develops small molecule therapeutics that extend lifespan and delay chronic illness by targeting the underlying molecular mechanisms of aging

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The million-molecule challenge - a moonshot project to rapidly advance longevity intervention discovery

WormBot-AI platforms
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About Us

Preclinical discovery at our foundations

We set ourselves apart in longevity biotechnology by having the largest preclinical drug screening operation of its kind. This is possible with the WormBot-AI, an automated high-throughput robotics platform combined with state-of-the-art AI-based data analysis. By measuring health and survival in the small animal C. elegans, we can screen up to 144 populations in parallel with a single WormBot-AI. We use this powerful system to identify small molecule gerotherapeutics that modify normal aging and age-related disease pathology. Our team combines this innovative platform with decades of research excellence to provide best-in-class discovery science.

Our strategy

An evolutionary approach

Our translational geroscience approach identifies small molecules and natural products that target evolutionarily conserved aging mechanisms. Interventions targeting these mechanisms are screened across age-associated and rare disease models. Broad acting gerotherapeutics are then validated in mammalian studies on the path to clinical approval.

Small molecule and natural product analysis

High-throughput and unbiased compound screening to identify novel single and combination healthy aging interventions.

Normative aging and disease models

Therapeutics are selected by analyzing lifespan and healthspan measures, like age-associated movement and behavior changes. Suppression of disease phenotypes for age-associated and other rare diseases are also assessed.

Mechanistic and translational validation studies leading to clinical development

Drug targets are characterized using genetic, biochemical, and multi-omic approaches. Disease indications are identified using our disease mutant panel. Targets are validated for mammals from expression data studies across different animals. IND-enabling and other necessary studies are performed by us and our research partners to advance gerotherapeutics into clinical trials or other consumer markets.

Our Purpose

Developing the future of preventative medicine

Aging is the greatest predisposing factor to the chronic illnesses and diseases that limit quality lifespan and ultimately lead to death. Targeting the underlying mechanisms of aging using gerotherapeutics holds the promise to extend both maximal lifespan and increase the number of years spent in good health.

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‘Ora’ is translated as healthy, aliveĀ in Pascuan, the language spoken by the people of Rapa Nui, or Easter Island. This island is known to biologists of aging as the home of rapamycin, a compound with remarkable anti-aging properties in laboratory model systems and currently in clinical trials to become the first broad use gerotherapeutic.

Ora Biomedical, Inc. seeks to realize the full potential of healthy aging therapeutics by developing a new generation of broad use small molecule healthy aging interventions for humans, companion pets, and all other organisms for which prolonged healthy survival is desired. Information on this website pertains to preclinical or clinical candidates in development and has not been reviewed or approved by the Food and Drug Administration.