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May 28, 2024

Ora Biomedical has been selected by AFWERX, the innovation arm of the Department of the Air Force powered by the Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL), for a Phase I SBIR grant to develop novel therapeutics to protect astronauts and high-altitude pilots from elevated space radiation based on its work identifying and developing age-targeting longevity interventions. Read more here.

Ora Biomedical partners with to fiscally sponsor the Million Molecule Challenge is a leading nonprofit advocacy foundation and online platform committed to advancing the science of aging and promoting healthy human lifespan. By supporting groundbreaking research projects, disseminating educational resources, and raising public awareness about the importance of longevity, aims to accelerate the development of therapies that can improve the quality of life for people worldwide. With a focus on collaboration and innovation, is driving the conversation on aging research and transforming the way we approach health and wellness throughout our lives. For more information, please visit

Mitchell discusses the Million-Molecule Challenge and developing longevity interventions on Translating Aging

The Million-Molecule Challenge published in GeroScience

July, 2023

Our latest publication, The million-molecule challenge: a moonshot project to rapidly advance longevity intervention discovery published in the top aging journal, GeroScience.

To reveal the fullest potential of longevity medicine, the very best age-targeting interventions must be identified and developed.

In this article, we propose the million-molecule challenge, an ambitious effort to screen one million interventions for increased lifespan and healthspan. With our proprietary WormBot-AI robotics + machine learning drug discovery platform, we can accomplish this goal within three years.

Completing the million-molecule challenge will accelerate longevity medicine by decades in just a few short years.

Mitchell Lee discusses the science of aging and Ora Biomedical's approach to drug discovery in recent podcast

June, 2023

Ora Biomedical CEO and co-founder, Mitchell Lee sat down with the Wise Athletes podcast to discuss healthy aging and the future of longevity medicine. Have a listen!

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June, 2023

Check out our Summer 2023 Newsletter for updates on all of our progress over the last six months!

Matt Kaeberlein on the science of aging with National Geographic

December, 2022

Matt Kaeberlein discusses the future of aging, the Dog Aging Project, and Ora Biomedical’s army of drug discovery robots that will build the world’s largest longevity interventions database on Overheard at National Geographic. Listen to “What Science Tells Us About Living Longer” on Spotify.

Ora Biomedical and the "Rise of the WormBots" featured in Longevity.Technology

December, 2022

Ora Biomedical Inc. CEO and co-founder Mitchell Lee sat down with Longevity.Technology to discuss the need for high-throughput drug discovery to identify and develop the most efficacious healthy aging interventions as part of Longevity Biotech 2.0.

CEO Mitchell Lee on "the business of WormBots" in recent interview

November, 2022

Ora Biomedical CEO and Co-Founder Mitchell Lee sat down with to discuss the latest progress in longevity drug discovery and his path from scientist to leading Ora Biomedical.

Ora Biomedical COB Matt Kaeberlein discusses the "dark matter of aging" at ARDD 2022

October, 2022

Ora Biomedical Co-Founder and Chair of the Board Matt Kaeberlein provides thought provoking insights into new studies that reveal how much aging biology has yet to be understood.

Ora Biomedical Founders show intermittent hypoxia extends lifespan

October, 2022

Ora Biomedical Co-Founders Matt Kaeberlein (Ora Biomedical COB) and Jason Pitt (inventor of the WormBot robotics platform) have a new preprint out! Remarkable lifespan extension under intermittent hypoxia (IHT)! Doubled lifespan under IHT and over 100 day old worms when combined with insulin signaling mutants! Have a look:

Ora Biomedical announces Optispan Ventures as Lead Investor in Pre-Seed Financing

August 29, 2022

Seattle, WA – Ora Biomedical, Inc., is proud to announce an investment deal with Optispan Ventures that includes financing and research headquarters to build a high-throughput longevity drug discovery facility in the Pacific Northwest.

Optispan Ventures is focused on healthspan innovations that will define 21st Century Medicine. “Interventions that target the biology of aging have the potential to dramatically improve quality of life by increasing healthspan – a healthy, disease-free lifespan is the goal. We are pleased to partner with Ora to apply their game-changing Wormbot-AI technology and go far beyond what has previously been possible in this field”, says Stuart McKee, CEO of Optispan.

“Optispan Ventures and Ora Biomedical have a shared vision of revolutionizing how we age” says Ora Biomedical CEO, Dr. Mitchell Lee. “Thanks to our partnership with Optispan, we can accelerate the launch of our longevity drug discovery factory and move one step closer to developing breakthrough healthy aging therapeutics for humans and all other animals we love.” For more information, see full press release

Ora Biomedical introduced to LongBio at 4th Longevity Therapeutics Summit

June, 2022

Matt spoke at the 4th Longevity Therapeutics Summit and introduced the longevity biotech community to Ora Biomedical. The announcement was picked up by Rapamycin News.

Matt discusses high-throughput drug screening at ARDD 2021

September, 2021

Matt discussing high-throughput drug discovery using the WormBot.

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