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Our Mission: To improve life for all through healthy aging.

At A Glance

Ora Biomedical, Inc. is a Seattle based startup pharmaceutical company in the longevity biotechnology sector focused on discovering and bringing to market the most effective interventions for targeting biological aging and age-related disease. Ora Biomedical launched out of Matt Kaeberlein’s Lab at the University of Washington School of Medicine in 2022.

Our commercial goal is simple: be the source for the best, highest quality gerotherapeutics.
Commerical focus

Building the future of preventative medicine

The longevity biotechnology sector is booming, with hundreds of companies now operating and billions being invested each year.

While scientists have learned a great deal about the biology of aging in the last 20 years, few interventions and aging targets are available for clinical development. There are currently no substantial efforts to look outside of the known “longevity network” to find interventions of large effect and no large-scale efforts to identify combinatorial interventions that produce additive or synergistic benefits. Ora Biomedical, Inc. is poised to solve this problem using our proprietary robotics and ML-AI to perform massively high-throughput drug discovery in live animals.

Our commercialization strategy combines internally led and partnered drug development to produce therapeutics targeting age-associated and rare disease, as well as direct-to-market healthy aging supplements for human and companion pet use.

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Growing the world's largest and highest quality longevity therapeutics database

The medicine chest for longevity biotech

We are growing the largest healthy aging therapeutics database of its kind. With our massively high-throughput drug screening operations, we will perform over 300,000 experiments per year. From our database, we will select the very best therapeutics as Ora Lead Compounds for our internal clinical development. Additionally, we will partner with new and existing longevity biotech companies to license IP-protected interventions from our database to their research pipelines.

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A new source for predictive drug discovery

Machine learning/AI approaches are a powerful tool to perform predictive drug discovery by analyzing drug datasets. However, existing drug datasets in longevity biotech are small and of variable quality. As the largest and highest quality dataset of its kind, our longevity therapeutics database will provide new insights into novel targets, interventions, and synergistic drug combinations that can be applied during normal aging and to prevent age-related disease.

Contracted research operations

Offering the best quality science

Ora Biomedical is a pharmaceutical company dedicated to identifying and developing its own healthy aging therapeutics. However, we cannot overlook the massive demand that exists for phenotypic characterization of interventions in the context of aging and age-related disease. As we expand our drug screening capacity, we will perform targeted and strategic contracted research. If you are interested in testing your compound(s) of interest in organismal aging, across age-related and rare disease mutant panels, or in combination with known lifespan extending interventions, please contact us for a consultation.

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