FAQ about sponsoring the MMC​

Q: How long until I see data from the compound I sponsored?

A: This will depend on many factors such as lifespan of the animals and the number of other compounds in queue. We will conduct experiments in the order they are sponsored and provide the data as soon as possible,

Q: My sponsored compound showed an exciting result, can I start taking it?

A: We absolutely believe that all medical decisions should be made in consultation with your physician. All results generated from the MMC are exciting but should not be construed as medical advice.

Q: I just received my data, can I post about it on social media?

A: Of course! While Ora Biomedical, Inc. reserves the right to pursue individual drugs for further development, you sponsored the interventions you chose and you absolutely have the right to disseminate the results however you choose.

Q: I don’t see a million options to choose from. How are you going to get to a million molecules?

A: Tackling the MMC is going to be a multi-year journey but we’re excited to start with interventions already of interest for clinical use via a FDA library. Over time we’ll be expanding the options available. If you’re excited about a particular compound library and want to enable it for the MMC, please contact us directly.

Q: I don’t see a compound I expected?

Q: If you don’t see a compound you expected, it’s because someone else has already sponsored it. After each compound is sponsored, we remove it from the available options within one business day.

Q: Can I gift an intervention?

A: Totally! Feel free to enter in a friend or family members email (and username for our leaderboard) and pick out a compound for them to have sponsored!

Q: What dosage are you testing at? Can I pick a dosage?

A: Currently we perform our experiments at 10uM concentration. We will be expanding dosage options as the MMC database grows!

Q: How many experiments am I sponsoring with each intervention chosen?

A: We test each intervention in triplicate to ensure statistical significance and each intervention is compared to matched controls run at the same time and on the same WormBot.

Q: What is the plan if an experiment doesn’t go as planned?

A: While we have a robust system and large amounts of experience, sometimes intervention experiments will have unique challenges (i.e. issues with solubility, extreme pigments etc). We gaurentee at minimum one full additional retest for each sponsored compound that exhibits any of these traits in order to have as many shots on goal as possible.

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