Sponsor a custom experiment

Want to help Ora Biomedical push the limit on intervention space and work with us to design a combinatorial test with 3 or more interventions? Want to sponsor an entire library not currently available through our normal MMC sponsor page? Please let us know in the form below how you’d like to be involved! Please note that sourcing and troubleshooting non-library compounds increases the cost to perform each experiment.


Ora Biomedical is proud to partner with Lifespan.io to support the Million Molecule Challenge. If you would like to fund your intervention via a tax deductible donation, please visit Lifespan.io’s MMC page to fill out your request.

Lifespan.io is a leading nonprofit advocacy foundation and online platform committed to advancing the science of aging and promoting healthy human lifespan. By supporting groundbreaking research projects, disseminating educational resources, and raising public awareness about the importance of longevity, Lifespan.io aims to accelerate the development of therapies that can improve the quality of life for people worldwide. With a focus on collaboration and innovation, Lifespan.io is driving the conversation on aging research and transforming the way we approach health and wellness throughout our lives.